Manapad Women Workers Palmleaf industrial  Society

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Palmleaf Products done at Manapad

The Society of Manapad Women Workers Palmleaf Industrial Cooperative society Was started on 1957 for the development of the economic condition and the welfare of the women artisans residing in the area. The women artisans in this village are engaged the traditional trade of palmleaf products. They receive training from various sources.



From the date of inception upto 10th July 72 the society was managed by the seven board of directors nominated by the Government of Tamilnadu. Then onwards the society is being managed by seven board of directors elected by the members from among the members.

Upto 1971-72  the society had been selling its products only to the private traders. From that year were able to get orders from abroad. We are also getting regular orders from SIPA.

Normally our members get reasonable wages for their products. Apart from the wages, based upon their production our members gets regular additional cost and bonus at the rate of 60% according to their production.

Since 1989 our society is awarded  'Best Cooperative Society' by the Government of Tamilnadu Cooperative Department.

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